Monday, September 30, 2013

Crete in September

Agios Nikolaos in the sunshine, a cruise ship towering above the harbour, people milling about enjoying their lives, and enjoying all the flavours of the Mediterranean. What a great moment in time!

Sorry about the sound quality, but there was a lot going on in Agios Nikolaos yesterday.
I shot this video, while I was waiting for my friend, Pauline. When she turned up, we went on a mission to buy me a new dress. I wanted something special to take to Washington in October. Well, I knew just where to go. There is this shop in Agios Nikolaos, that has the most fabulous clothes. Clothes that I have always thought, Jane, when you have the means, you will buy a dress from that shop. And that is what happened. I found just the number.

So, tomorrow, David and I are heading back to London to attend the Empower Network seminar. On Friday evening we shall meet our American friends, socially, and on Saturday, we shall be brainstorming and learning about the exciting ENV2 mobile blogging platform.

Crete in September has been very magical for us. We have had a wonderful break, and now it is time to get back to London, and up the pace a bit. It is easy to do that, knowing that we are going to return to this beautiful island in November, to spend another few weeks of Mediterranean life.

I will fill in the gap by posting some of the pictures that I have not had time to put up on the blog. So please keep logging in to see what is new from Crete. And follow my progress in building my team of Greek internet marketers. This is my new passion, this is my new mission, to lead as many people as I can to the lifestyle that they dream about having.

Have the best day of your life, talk again soon,
Love Jane xx

My Book, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey, is climbing in the ranks, have you read it yet?

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