Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Can Make Money On Your Computer

To all my friends in Greece, and around the world, 

You may wonder what these posts have to do with Vrahassi. but you see, I have a mission, and that is to let people know that here is a way to earn money, and be your own boss, and be involved with a great circle of people throughout the world.

David, as you know, has been working online, part-time, in between his building work in Crete. And last year, I joined him in Empower Network. We went to a convention in Denver in August, and more recently got together with the leaders at a meeting in London.

We love the work, I am making a series of 30 videos to chart my progress in the company, and also to show you what we do. David is the one who sends out ads, and he also writes blogs and makes videos. I think he's a natural at it. The point is, if we can do it, anyone can do it. Our work is writing blogs, and teaching others how to market their product. Could you do that? I'm sure you could.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. Take a look at the videos below. If nothing else, you will see what we are doing here in London.

Vrahassi is calling me, and I shall be over there before the month is out. I love Vrahassi, but I didn't like being poor. So I did something about it. And I urge you, if you are feeling the same, contact me or David, and we will show you how you can lift yourself out of a bad financial situation. If you have a computer, and can speak English, here is an opportunity, at least take a look.

Talk again soon,
Love Jane x

Have you heard about the new blogging platform, distributed by Empower Network, The ENV2?

The David Sharpe who is co-founder of Empower Network, is not my David in his younger days, but they are very much alike. Click the link and see for yourselves.


Here is a video that David made when he got to Crete.

And here is a video that David made at the Holiday Inn Kensington, in London before he left for Crete.

As you can see, we are very busy people. And now I am looking forward to a little holiday in Vrahassi. Can't wait to see all my friends out there. I've put these videos on this blog, to show you what David and I are doing. Some of you may scoff, some of you may think we are crazy, but one person reading this blog will be as hungry as we were to make a successful business, working on line. If you are that person, get in touch with us, and join our team at Empower Network.

You can email me:, or click this link: David Sharp and send us your email. We will get right back to you. Jane x

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