Monday, September 30, 2013

Crete in September

Agios Nikolaos in the sunshine, a cruise ship towering above the harbour, people milling about enjoying their lives, and enjoying all the flavours of the Mediterranean. What a great moment in time!

Sorry about the sound quality, but there was a lot going on in Agios Nikolaos yesterday.
I shot this video, while I was waiting for my friend, Pauline. When she turned up, we went on a mission to buy me a new dress. I wanted something special to take to Washington in October. Well, I knew just where to go. There is this shop in Agios Nikolaos, that has the most fabulous clothes. Clothes that I have always thought, Jane, when you have the means, you will buy a dress from that shop. And that is what happened. I found just the number.

So, tomorrow, David and I are heading back to London to attend the Empower Network seminar. On Friday evening we shall meet our American friends, socially, and on Saturday, we shall be brainstorming and learning about the exciting ENV2 mobile blogging platform.

Crete in September has been very magical for us. We have had a wonderful break, and now it is time to get back to London, and up the pace a bit. It is easy to do that, knowing that we are going to return to this beautiful island in November, to spend another few weeks of Mediterranean life.

I will fill in the gap by posting some of the pictures that I have not had time to put up on the blog. So please keep logging in to see what is new from Crete. And follow my progress in building my team of Greek internet marketers. This is my new passion, this is my new mission, to lead as many people as I can to the lifestyle that they dream about having.

Have the best day of your life, talk again soon,
Love Jane xx

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gunshot in Vrahassi

It's a little unnerving to hear gunshot, wherever you are, but it is not so unusual in Vrahassi. In fact nobody bat an eyelid when the first three cracks rang out. It could have been murder, someone shooting his dog, a happy raki burst, a funeral or a wedding. In this case it was a wedding, being held in the middle of the village, at one of the small churches. We didn't see any sign of the bride and groom, or hear anything but the gun fire. Otherwise it was a very lazy Sunday afternoon in Vrahassi.

Earlier in the day David and I went to see some friends in Kritsa, another colourful place.

There are still a few women sitting in the shadows with their crochet. This statue typifies the industrious ladies of Kritsa.

And today I am tripping off to Agios Nikolaos, to pay the electricity bill, and to meet my friend, Pauline.

Our little holiday is almost at an end, but the good news is that we shall return in November, when we shall be giving a business presentation of Empower Network, in Heraklion. AND THAT IS VERY EXCITING!

If you are interested in being at our meeting in November (date to be fixed) then please let us have your e-mail, and we will contact you with the details.

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I am looking forward to being back in Crete in November, and to meeting our new Greek Team.
Bye for now,
Love Jane x

My Book, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey, is climbing in the ranks, have you read it yet?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heraklion Is Such Fun!

Well, while top political people were being imprisoned in Greece, I was out and about in Heraklion, enjoying the sunshine and the many crafts that were on display at a super outdoor market in the center of town. See if you can get a flavor of my day. Imagine the smell of local cheeses, meats and herbs that filled the air as we walked around.

Please go to my You Tube channel and click 'like' and subscribe.

I only have a few more days left in Crete, so I'm going to make the most of the time I have left. Tomorrow I shall visit Kritsa, and on Monday, Agios Nikolaos. Oh, and I think there is something special going on in Vrahassi tomorrow morning, I hear the village will be full, full, with tourists from a big hotel in Sissi, so I had better get my camera ready, and have a handful of cards to give out. I feel a marketing opportunity coming on! 

Talk some more tomorrow,
Love Jane x

Friday, September 27, 2013

Jane on Crete TV

I love the unexpected, and today as I was walking through Heraklion I was asked to say a few words on camera, for a Crete TV program. David didn't manage to snap me on the podium, but he took this picture of me with the interviewer 'The Saint'. I guess the power of attraction was just too strong, and drew a couple of stars together.

Not to be big headed, but I am feeling particularly successful at the moment. I wonder who I will attract next - are you listening Oprah! Have you read my book, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey? And if not, why not? You can find it on Amazon. (And I'll be in USA at the end of October). 

And what else did I do in Heraklion? I was actually working. And I had an extremely good day.

I have made a little video but it will take all night to upload to YouTube. Frustrating! But I know the Blog Beast, ENV2 is coming, and that problem will be very soon solved.

Of course, David and I had to celebrate our small success.

Talk again tomorrow,
Love Jane x

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Working in the Sunshine

Dear Reader,

It's great being able to work in the sunshine. This video is part of my series of 30 which I am making to help people understand the value of being able to work on line, whether it be from home, your office, the coffee shop down the street, or half way up a mountain in Crete.

I know that this sort of work is not for everyone, but if you are that one person who knows, deep in your heart, that you could do great things with your life, if only you had the opportunity, well here it is. David and I are looking for you. This could be your chance to make the money you need to buy the things you want. And the product we are promoting, the env2 blogging platform, is such an exciting product to tell people about, that everyone will want it.

Empower Network has developed this new marketing tool, that can be used by any business, or hobby blogger, in the world. They have invested over $3 million dollars in its creation, and it is now in pre-launch. When it is launched on October 11, people around the globe will be talking about it. In fact very soon the env2 will be available in 5 different languages.

I am telling you all of this, dear reader, because you may be that one person, who is going to excel in Empower Network, and make more money than anyone else. We want to help you to it. This is no joke, this is serious. The team in Portugal is rocking, the team in Hungry is rocking. This is the right time, and you are in the right place. Let's start a team in Greece and show the world what we can do.

Here is were the talking stops and the action starts. Click here

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And tomorrow we shall be in Heraklion shooting another video. 

Bye for now, 
Love and hugs, Jane x

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Walk Through the Streets of Vrahassi

Hello Blog Readers,

As promised here is a video shot yesterday as I walked through the streets of Vrahassi. There wasn't much going on, maybe because it was 1 p.m. and I missed the morning rush hour, but I think you can get a flavour of the place. The temperature is about 28 at the moment, and it's a bit cool to sit out in the evening, but very pleasant if you have a jacket.

Vrahassi has a wonderful charm to it even though there are lots of old buildings that have been left to
crumble. It is a bit like living in the middle of an archaeological site, but all the more interesting for that. The narrow streets are wonderful to explore, and it is not difficult to imagine how life once was when the village was a thriving center of industry: weavers, carpenters, butchers, lots of coffee shops, a post office, and a host of other trades. Now, time has moved on, and we are left with one village shop and a museum. Even so, this is such a special place to visit. You should definitely put it on your list if you are coming to Crete.

As you can see in my video, there is a wonderful internet connection in Vrahassi, and most of the young kids have a computer. It is a strange mix of ancient and modern.

Last night, David and I went down into the square for a glass of wine and food at one of the tavernas. It was a pleasant experience; we talked to a few locals and enjoyed the company. Then it was back home and back to work. In fact, because of the time difference in America, David and I were up at 3 a.m. to listen to the co-owner of Empower Network, on the internet. He was outlining details of the launch of our new product, the ENV2 blogging platform. This is cutting edge technology that will revolutionize blogging, and give every business an edge in the market place, whatever that business is. We are very excited about being able to promote it. And if you don't know about the ENV2, then this is where you can find it. We shall get right back to you.

So, hope you enjoyed a walk with me through the streets of Vrahassi. I'll be back with more Vrahassi news, tomorrow.

Love Jane x

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Secret is Out

And no sooner am I in Crete, than I am whisked away for a romantic weekend at a secret location. But I can't keep the secret.  I have to share it. We went to Tsoutsouros, on the south coast. 

 We stayed at the Edelweiss hotel which was right on the beach. It is run by a lovely family who were always there to serve drinks and see that we were comfortable.

Of course we were straight on to the beach, not before we had checked our e-mails though. The wifi in the hotel came in very useful.
 It's such tiring work, relaxing in the sunshine!
 But we did stretch out legs a little on the hillside. We took the ancient Minoan path up the cliff side, but didn't go all the way to the next village. It was not far, but David's leg is not 100% after his fall last week.

 I call these big rocks, watchers, because they seem to stand sentinel in high places.
 We got in sight of the next village, but decided to turn around there. The lure of a cool beer made the journey back seem very easy.

 Those clouds got very dark, and eventually it began to thunder and lighten. By that time we were safe inside a little bar, with a bottle of Corona each, and a bowl of crisps. (Very unhealthy).
 Tsoutsouros is not very big, as you can see, and a bit concrete-y, but there is a small harbour, a fishing boats were coming and going all day.

Before we headed for home, we went to the ancient Greek site of Priansos, which was one of the 31 cities of the Cretan League. Now there is very little left except this large building. It is supposed to date about 100 b.c.

So, after our little history lesson, we headed back to Vrahassi, via the hinterland of Crete. It was a great little weekend, and today I have been working all day, a bit of housework, and a lot of computer work.

I have managed to make a little movie of the weekend, and I have been on the street in Vrahassi with my camera. So, tomorrow, I will be reporting from Vrahassi.

But now it is time for me to close the computer before it gets so hot that it closes itself down. It isn't the temperature in the house, you understand, it is because it has been running since 9 a.m. this morning.

This is Jane, doing whatever it takes, in Vrahassi. And for those of you who are interested, I have my first appointment with people who are interested in joining our team, at Empower Network, later in the week. The ENV2 viral blogging platform is in demand.
Better get some sleep while I can!

Talk again tomorrow with an on the street report from Vrahassi.

Love Jane x

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bail of 10,000 Set for Murder Suspect

18 Year Old From Sissi, Released on Bail of 10,000 euros.

The 18 year old boy from Sissi, who was together with two other young men, one from Neapolis, and one from Agios Nikolaos, on the night they brutally murdered an old man in Amigdali, has been released on bail of 10,000 euros
He told the prosecutor that he was drunk, and that he was driving the car, the other two asked him to stop in Amigdali  saying they had a job to do. He claimed that he stayed in the car and waited. When the two returned to the car they had blood on their hands, and he says that is when he learned of the crime. He denied having any involvement in the murder.

The 18 year old is restricted from leaving the country, and must appear twice a month at court. Bail was set at 10,000 euros. The other two are up at court on Thursday.

I thought you might like a follow up to what is happening in the murder case which I reported in my previous blog.

I gather there was an almighty mother of a storm in Vrahassi last night. I hope you kept your roofs on! Anyway, now all that is out of the way, and the full moon on the 19th, I recon it will be sunshine all the way for the next two weeks. Yippee! Break out the sun bed, David.

Only one sleep to go, great. Let the next adventure begin. So, I shall be reporting live from Vrahassi in the next few days. Watch this space.

And if you would like to watch a video about the exciting new blogging platform, that is going to revolutionize my blogging capabilities, and let me blog directly from my mobile phone, watch this: 


Can I just say that the co-founder of Empower Network, Mr David Sharpe, is not my David (though I think there is a resemblance) nor is he our son. Our name does not have an 'e' his does. But he is a fabulous guy, just the same as my David.

You should look into this brilliant way to make money on line. It isn't for everyone, I agree, but we are having such fun, and meeting such a great set of people from all over the world, while at the same time, building our business.

Got to go now, last minute packing to do. Bye for now,
Jane x

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Children of Vrahassi

My how they have grown!
Children of Vrahassi, five or six years ago, I think. Can you name them?

I came across this lovely photo last week. I wonder what they are all doing now. Maybe you would like to leave a comment on my blog, and let me know.

And here are some more children of Vrahassi. I missed the party this year, but plan to be there in 2014.

On a more serious note:
I was very sad to hear that on September 11th, a 79 year old man in a hill village, was murdered by three local men, a 19 year old soldier, from Agios Nikoloas, a 22 year old farmer, from Neapolis, and an 18 year old, from Sisi. They went to the house to rob the old man, but after beating him to death, they only found a few coins. They then set the house on fire to hopefully cover their tracks. I'm not sure how they were caught, but they are in police custody now. Rest in peace old man.

So, only 4 sleeps to go. This time next week, all being well, I shall be dining by the side of the Mediterranean, listening to all those lovely sounds of Crete.

Bye for now,
Love Jane x

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Will China Save Greece?

Will China Save Greece?
"Everywhere is a business opportunity," says deputy general manager Zhang Anming. "We found one here and we've been successful."
 And it gives China a key access point to Europe.
So, will China save Greece? Who knows?
I particularly like the quote: 'Everywhere is a business opportunity,'
Anyway, here is another snippet I thought was interesting:
The man in charge of the privatizations who has to take the rap for the latest setbacks, is Stelios Stavrides, and architect of the successful transformation of the Athens Water Board, and now chief of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund.
 Mr Stavrides and his team have just moved into offices once occupied by a news agency. Something of the atmosphere of the place must have rubbed off because after years of resistance in Greece, the agency is keen to be open about detailed progress in freeing Greek utilities, land and resources from the dead hand of the state.
Regional airports are up for sale
Mr Stavrides believes the benefits of private investment and ownership are simply not understood by many politicians or unions who have grown up under an entirely different model.
He says sell-offs are simply the only option if Greece is ever to see some growth. What he implies, but can't quite bring himself to say, is that there is no escaping the immediate pain while you wait for new and more productive jobs to be created further down the line.
However I also read that the Unions are discussing strike action against privatization. There are always two sides to every story, but I think it is time for attitudes to change. People should take more control over their own lives and not expect the state to do it all for them. Just my opinion.

On a personal note, only 6 sleeps to go, then I'm heading for the sunshine. Get the Mythos lined up!
Bye for now, Love Jane x
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New York King of Souvlaki

Finalist, King Souvlaki of Astoria: You Don't Burn, You Don't Learn

Oh, man! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back. Check out the passion this family have for what they are doing: the happiness that it gives them when they know their customers love the quality of their food. So many messages in this wonderful little video. That's the enthusiasm that brings success. 

And what am I going to eat tonight? Well, because I had a piece of the best carrot cake in the world at a little coffee shop in Penge, today, I am going to pass on a cooked supper, and have a couple of crisp breads instead. But when I get to Crete next week, it will be souvlaki, souvlaki, souvlaki, all the way.

Byeeeeeeeeeee, love Jane x

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unemployment in Greece Reaches Almost 30%

Don't Let the Greek Crisis Beat You!
Contact me today: David Sharp. Let me help you. Work from home and earn money online.

David and I shall be meeting people in Crete, to set up a team of entrepreneurs who want to be financially independent, as from 18th September, for 2 weeks. Please contact us if you would like to join our team. My email is:

Come Back to Reality 

by Kostas Kallergis

"I won't commit suicide. I'm not crazy. I'm going to eliminate one of you" said a desperate middle-aged man to Greek Health Minister, Adonis Georgiades during the latter's visit to the Thessaloniki International Fair.
The Minister is giving him an advise. "Calm down. Come back to reality. Problems do not get solved in one day". And Rome wasn't built in one but that's irrelevant. The man had used his life savings to buy Greek bonds which have recently been severely cut because of the Greek "haircut". Thousands like him are desperate, having trusted their life savings to a betraying State that is now calming them down and calls them back to reality. Blend despair with injustice and you have anger.
Some other thousands have been less angry, they have only been desperate. Extremely desperate. Fresh reports quantitatively show a dramatic rise in suicides. The Greek Statistical Authority announced that suicides have gone up in 2011 - 26,5% compared to 2010 and 43% compared to 2007, the year before the Greek crisis broke out. At the same time, NGO Klimaka, that deals with suicides and runs a 24-hour hotline, added that the actual number of suicides is much higher than this.
According to an EU-wide study researching data for the period 1970-2007, every 1% of rise in unemployment results in a 0,79% rise in suicides. The projection is geometric. If unemployment rises by 3%, suicides rise as a result by 4,45%.
Unemployment in Greece was below 10% before the crisis. It is now about to reach 30% without any visible prospect of recovery on the ground. Now do the math.

"In times of crisis, someone always wins - let it be you!" - Jane Sharp
"There is a way you can work to lift yourself out of depression" - David Sharp
I thank Kostas Kallergis, for the above report which comes from his blog 'When the Crisis Hit the Fan.
David is already in Crete, if you would like to talk to him, send him a mail:
Looking forward to my return,
Love Jane x

Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Can Make Money On Your Computer

To all my friends in Greece, and around the world, 

You may wonder what these posts have to do with Vrahassi. but you see, I have a mission, and that is to let people know that here is a way to earn money, and be your own boss, and be involved with a great circle of people throughout the world.

David, as you know, has been working online, part-time, in between his building work in Crete. And last year, I joined him in Empower Network. We went to a convention in Denver in August, and more recently got together with the leaders at a meeting in London.

We love the work, I am making a series of 30 videos to chart my progress in the company, and also to show you what we do. David is the one who sends out ads, and he also writes blogs and makes videos. I think he's a natural at it. The point is, if we can do it, anyone can do it. Our work is writing blogs, and teaching others how to market their product. Could you do that? I'm sure you could.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. Take a look at the videos below. If nothing else, you will see what we are doing here in London.

Vrahassi is calling me, and I shall be over there before the month is out. I love Vrahassi, but I didn't like being poor. So I did something about it. And I urge you, if you are feeling the same, contact me or David, and we will show you how you can lift yourself out of a bad financial situation. If you have a computer, and can speak English, here is an opportunity, at least take a look.

Talk again soon,
Love Jane x

Have you heard about the new blogging platform, distributed by Empower Network, The ENV2?

The David Sharpe who is co-founder of Empower Network, is not my David in his younger days, but they are very much alike. Click the link and see for yourselves.


Here is a video that David made when he got to Crete.

And here is a video that David made at the Holiday Inn Kensington, in London before he left for Crete.

As you can see, we are very busy people. And now I am looking forward to a little holiday in Vrahassi. Can't wait to see all my friends out there. I've put these videos on this blog, to show you what David and I are doing. Some of you may scoff, some of you may think we are crazy, but one person reading this blog will be as hungry as we were to make a successful business, working on line. If you are that person, get in touch with us, and join our team at Empower Network.

You can email me:, or click this link: David Sharp and send us your email. We will get right back to you. Jane x

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vrahassi as it used to be!

I love old photographs, don't you?

David is already back in Vrahassi, and I shall be joining him in a few days. I'm so looking forward to the peace and quiet, the fresh air, the griffon vultures circling overhead. Not to mention a 'nothing like it anywhere,' Greek salad.

But tonight I'm listening to the Last Night at the Proms, glass of wine in hand, and the odd police siren in the distance.
So, video camera all charged up and ready to go, and my case almost packed, I'll say, ta ta for now, and look forward to reporting from Vrahassi, very soon.

Happy weekend to all,
Love Jane x

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Adventures of a Pensioner in Britain: Plan to Prosper

Adventures of a Pensioner in Britain: Plan to Prosper: Some friends picked me up to take me to the Cafe Church held in a nearby Methodist church hall. It was a lovely little social event, where l...

This is what we got up to yesterday. It was a great day.

See you in Crete very soon,
Love Jane x