Friday, September 27, 2013

Jane on Crete TV

I love the unexpected, and today as I was walking through Heraklion I was asked to say a few words on camera, for a Crete TV program. David didn't manage to snap me on the podium, but he took this picture of me with the interviewer 'The Saint'. I guess the power of attraction was just too strong, and drew a couple of stars together.

Not to be big headed, but I am feeling particularly successful at the moment. I wonder who I will attract next - are you listening Oprah! Have you read my book, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey? And if not, why not? You can find it on Amazon. (And I'll be in USA at the end of October). 

And what else did I do in Heraklion? I was actually working. And I had an extremely good day.

I have made a little video but it will take all night to upload to YouTube. Frustrating! But I know the Blog Beast, ENV2 is coming, and that problem will be very soon solved.

Of course, David and I had to celebrate our small success.

Talk again tomorrow,
Love Jane x

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