Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rethymnon Carnival

David and I had a splendid weekend break in Rethymnon, where the Carnival atmosphere was sizzling. It all started with a short parade on Saturday night, followed by fireworks, after which what seemed like thousands of people funneled into the old town. Streets streamed multi-masked bodies, bar walls bounced to loud, throbbing music,  revelers danced in every space, restaurants churning out food to whistles and hoots, and the party went on into the small hours.

And on Sunday, the day of the big parade, things got even louder. I have never seen so many people in one place. We stood for two hours in brilliant sunshine, watching the parade, went for a drink, continued to watch the floats and hordes of be-costumed dancers on the coffee-bar TV, decided to go for a pizza, and still the Carnival procession flowed down the main street. It began at 2 p.m. and by 5 p.m. was still going. That's when we left to drive back to Vrahassi, but I suspect the end was nowhere near in sight. What energy these people had.

Anyway here are a few pictures so that you can see for yourselves. Hope you had a good weekend wherever you were. Vrahassi does seem quiet now. Oh, I forgot to mention that just as one bar has closed in the village, another one is to opening. Watch this space for further news. Byeeeee! Love Jane x

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Walk With Donkeys Equine Sanctuary

If you are in Crete, or visiting this year, you may like to take a trip to the Walk with Donkeys Equine Sanctuary.

 ‘Walk with donkeys’ sanctuary was started in 2006 and is run by Alistair and Suzanne. It is a ‘not for profit’ charitable organisation registered in Greece,the first  registered donkey sanctuary in Crete. We receive no money or help from the government. We rely on fundraising and donations to help us to look after these wonderful and previously abused animals.
After witnessing a donkey being left out in the sun to die we realised that we must start a home for unwanted donkeys so that their owners do not have to kill the donkeys when they are no longer of use to them.

The donkeys that we take into our sanctuary are given a 'till death us do part' home. We do not sell or give away these donkeys. We do not believe in subjecting old donkeys to stressful and long journeys so therefore do not re-home them in other parts of Europe.

Here in beautiful surroundings close to the village of Anatoli near Ierapetra, the donkeys can live peacefully and happily in the company of other donkeys. Here they receive love, care, food, water and any medical attention that is needed.

Space and freedom

Zak, Coconut and Syd (3 old boys) enjoying their freedom and the summer sunshine


Room to run

Zak, Syd and Willow enjoy the feel of the wind in their tails and have a run and a jump

We are asked a number of times whether we will sell our donkeys so that they can go back to be a working donkey. Once these donkeys come to the sanctuary they stay here. It would be very cruel to send a donkey back to a life of being tied up and alone after they have experienced the freedom, friendship and care they receive here. So as much as we need the money - the answer is A VERY BIG NO!
 In the mountains between Istron and Ierapetra. Close to the village of Anatoli.
35 minute drive from Agios Nikolaos
20 minute drive from Ierapetra
30 minute drive from Mirtos

                                          A fun day out

We raise money for the care of the donkeys by offering people the opportunity to meet these wonderful creatures. People from all over the world visit us for walks, children’s rides or just come to see the donkeys. It is not unusual for people to return year after year, and even day after day.

Please give generously and let us give more donkeys, like Coconut and George and Syd and Mr Jansen the Mule, a new home.
Coconut having a rest
George the day we found him

Syd when we first saw him

We knew we had to rescue this donkey when we saw him like this with his legs tied together. He now lives happily with us and can move around freely

Mr Jansen the mule

This mule was tied by a chain from its leg to a tree. Often the owner would forget to feed or water him. It took us 9 months to persuade the owner to let us take the mule and give him a new home.
He is now free of chains and ropes and has many donkey friends 


TO ARRANGE A VISIT OR WALK PLEASE TELEPHONE                                     0030 697 6088547
                                                                                                    0030 693 426 4012

OR E MAIL US ON                                                                                     



What wonderful work these two people are doing. Please take a look at their website and make a donation if you can. Every little helps towards the continuing success of their rescue center.