Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New York King of Souvlaki

Finalist, King Souvlaki of Astoria: You Don't Burn, You Don't Learn

Oh, man! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back. Check out the passion this family have for what they are doing: the happiness that it gives them when they know their customers love the quality of their food. So many messages in this wonderful little video. That's the enthusiasm that brings success. 

And what am I going to eat tonight? Well, because I had a piece of the best carrot cake in the world at a little coffee shop in Penge, today, I am going to pass on a cooked supper, and have a couple of crisp breads instead. But when I get to Crete next week, it will be souvlaki, souvlaki, souvlaki, all the way.

Byeeeeeeeeeee, love Jane x

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