Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unemployment in Greece Reaches Almost 30%

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Come Back to Reality 

by Kostas Kallergis

"I won't commit suicide. I'm not crazy. I'm going to eliminate one of you" said a desperate middle-aged man to Greek Health Minister, Adonis Georgiades during the latter's visit to the Thessaloniki International Fair.
The Minister is giving him an advise. "Calm down. Come back to reality. Problems do not get solved in one day". And Rome wasn't built in one but that's irrelevant. The man had used his life savings to buy Greek bonds which have recently been severely cut because of the Greek "haircut". Thousands like him are desperate, having trusted their life savings to a betraying State that is now calming them down and calls them back to reality. Blend despair with injustice and you have anger.
Some other thousands have been less angry, they have only been desperate. Extremely desperate. Fresh reports quantitatively show a dramatic rise in suicides. The Greek Statistical Authority announced that suicides have gone up in 2011 - 26,5% compared to 2010 and 43% compared to 2007, the year before the Greek crisis broke out. At the same time, NGO Klimaka, that deals with suicides and runs a 24-hour hotline, added that the actual number of suicides is much higher than this.
According to an EU-wide study researching data for the period 1970-2007, every 1% of rise in unemployment results in a 0,79% rise in suicides. The projection is geometric. If unemployment rises by 3%, suicides rise as a result by 4,45%.
Unemployment in Greece was below 10% before the crisis. It is now about to reach 30% without any visible prospect of recovery on the ground. Now do the math.

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I thank Kostas Kallergis, for the above report which comes from his blog 'When the Crisis Hit the Fan.
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