Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sorry that this notice is a little late. The funeral of Mr Oeodoro Zerbakis took place last week. After falling in the olive groves, Mr Zerbakis was taken to hospital where he remained seriously ill for two weeks. Unfortunately he finally lost his battle for life. My condolence to his family.


There used to be an old house on this plot. It was knocked down in a couple of days by a big excavator and most of the stone has now been carted away. A temporary drive up to the plot has been created and the road up past the big church will be blocked while work is in progress. Still, when the new house, which is being built there, is completed, it will enhance the look of the village - the less derelict property the better. It is good to report an improvement to Vrahassi. Work continues on the extension to the graveyard; a beautiful new wall has been built around the perimeter. And, the hole in the road in front of the minimarket, has been filled in - hooray!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have just had a call from the BBC in London. They are researching Brits in Crete who have re-settled here and started a business. The businesses that they are looking for are things like, tourist shops and tour companies, but not bars.

So, if you are interested in being featured on a BBC programme, and you think that your business is just what they are looking for, please contact me within the next 2 days, and I will put your name and details forward.

Remember: NO BARS and only those businesses which make a living from the tourist trade.

Tel: Jane 6945 872 472 or mail:

Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, houses are falling down and there is still a little bit of graffiti, but the view from our roof terrace, to Dia Island in the middle of blue sea, is just so fantastic, that all else is forgotten.

There was a funeral in the village on Wednesday, an old woman who lived in Sissi (sorry no name at the mo).

Other news: I have been told that the Ministery of the Environment is to make funds available for a scheme to help get rid of the Palm Weivel. Anyone interested in being paid to train their dog to sniff out the Weivel, please contact me. Experienced dog trainers are to be sent from Athens. They will give a free training course to those who are interested. So, if you have a dog which you think is suitable, and would like to become a Weivel sniffer outer - give me a call.


I was so lucky yesterday; I got the chance of another lesson with Paul, professional cellist with the Dortmund orchestra. With Gillian on one side correcting my timing, and Paul on the other side correcting my tuning, I couldn't go wrong - and if I did there were shouts all around. Well, I'm off to the orchestra in Rethymnon this evening with a few more skills under my belt, thanks to my brilliant teachers.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My Valentine's Treat!
Look at this lovely, clean, giros shop. One heaped plate of giros, chips, tomato, and yoghurt - plenty for two people - 7 euro.
That meant that we could afford a chocolate fest too, before we came home, last Friday. Back to the diet now!
I know I have missed blogging for a few days, but I'm REALLY busy trying to learn new music for the orchestra, AND, doing all the corrections on my book. All good stuff! I missed the Carnival in Malia and I missed Clean Monday in Sissi. Honestly, what sort of a reporter am I? I'm going to try not to miss the 'colesterol' day, at the surgery, this week, especially as I've lost a few pounds in weight, and want to see if all this 'cutting out' has done me any good.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


David and I enjoyed the company of the Mayor of Gouves, Mr Yiorgos Nikolakakis, at the launch of Mr Lou Duro's poetry book, which has been translated into Greek. It is available from the offices of the Khronicles newspaper and at various bookshops throughout Crete. David (hidden talent) was asked to read a couple of verses in English, and he did very well. I got into conversation about religious dogma, with a young priest, Papa Dimitri, of Gouves. I also managed a few words with the Mayor. So, between religion and politics, poetry and music (of the wandering minstrel type) we had a thouroughly enjoyable evening. The venue was a delightful little restaurant, with open fire, called 'Katafigio', on the road to Anopolis from Kokini Hani. It is the first time that we have been there, but I am sure it won't be the last.


Here she is, Emma, with sister, Maria, all ready for the get together in the school yard. Unfortunately the weather was so miserable that I did not get to see the other children last Sunday, but I am sure Em and Maria had a good time.
It is Carnival time, but as David is treating me to a Valentine's night out, we shall pass on the Carnival this year.
As he says: "We can't do everything."

Saturday, February 6, 2010


This is Rethymnon just begining to trim for Apokrias, the Carnival weekend, which is 14th February. After rehearsal of the Philharmonic Orchestra, David and I pop in to Kokkinos, the pizza place overlooking the square. We love our Friday evenings in Rethymnon.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was delighted when Gillian, my music teacher, brought her friend Paul to sit in on my lesson and help me along a little. Paul is a professional cellist from Dortmund. I am so lucky to have had a 'master class' in my own house.