Monday, September 23, 2013

The Secret is Out

And no sooner am I in Crete, than I am whisked away for a romantic weekend at a secret location. But I can't keep the secret.  I have to share it. We went to Tsoutsouros, on the south coast. 

 We stayed at the Edelweiss hotel which was right on the beach. It is run by a lovely family who were always there to serve drinks and see that we were comfortable.

Of course we were straight on to the beach, not before we had checked our e-mails though. The wifi in the hotel came in very useful.
 It's such tiring work, relaxing in the sunshine!
 But we did stretch out legs a little on the hillside. We took the ancient Minoan path up the cliff side, but didn't go all the way to the next village. It was not far, but David's leg is not 100% after his fall last week.

 I call these big rocks, watchers, because they seem to stand sentinel in high places.
 We got in sight of the next village, but decided to turn around there. The lure of a cool beer made the journey back seem very easy.

 Those clouds got very dark, and eventually it began to thunder and lighten. By that time we were safe inside a little bar, with a bottle of Corona each, and a bowl of crisps. (Very unhealthy).
 Tsoutsouros is not very big, as you can see, and a bit concrete-y, but there is a small harbour, a fishing boats were coming and going all day.

Before we headed for home, we went to the ancient Greek site of Priansos, which was one of the 31 cities of the Cretan League. Now there is very little left except this large building. It is supposed to date about 100 b.c.

So, after our little history lesson, we headed back to Vrahassi, via the hinterland of Crete. It was a great little weekend, and today I have been working all day, a bit of housework, and a lot of computer work.

I have managed to make a little movie of the weekend, and I have been on the street in Vrahassi with my camera. So, tomorrow, I will be reporting from Vrahassi.

But now it is time for me to close the computer before it gets so hot that it closes itself down. It isn't the temperature in the house, you understand, it is because it has been running since 9 a.m. this morning.

This is Jane, doing whatever it takes, in Vrahassi. And for those of you who are interested, I have my first appointment with people who are interested in joining our team, at Empower Network, later in the week. The ENV2 viral blogging platform is in demand.
Better get some sleep while I can!

Talk again tomorrow with an on the street report from Vrahassi.

Love Jane x

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