Thursday, September 12, 2013

Will China Save Greece?

Will China Save Greece?
"Everywhere is a business opportunity," says deputy general manager Zhang Anming. "We found one here and we've been successful."
 And it gives China a key access point to Europe.
So, will China save Greece? Who knows?
I particularly like the quote: 'Everywhere is a business opportunity,'
Anyway, here is another snippet I thought was interesting:
The man in charge of the privatizations who has to take the rap for the latest setbacks, is Stelios Stavrides, and architect of the successful transformation of the Athens Water Board, and now chief of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund.
 Mr Stavrides and his team have just moved into offices once occupied by a news agency. Something of the atmosphere of the place must have rubbed off because after years of resistance in Greece, the agency is keen to be open about detailed progress in freeing Greek utilities, land and resources from the dead hand of the state.
Regional airports are up for sale
Mr Stavrides believes the benefits of private investment and ownership are simply not understood by many politicians or unions who have grown up under an entirely different model.
He says sell-offs are simply the only option if Greece is ever to see some growth. What he implies, but can't quite bring himself to say, is that there is no escaping the immediate pain while you wait for new and more productive jobs to be created further down the line.
However I also read that the Unions are discussing strike action against privatization. There are always two sides to every story, but I think it is time for attitudes to change. People should take more control over their own lives and not expect the state to do it all for them. Just my opinion.

On a personal note, only 6 sleeps to go, then I'm heading for the sunshine. Get the Mythos lined up!
Bye for now, Love Jane x
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