Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : : Bedroom Stuff

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : : Bedroom Stuff: Back in Birdwell after our little sojourn in Crete, I have spent a few days reorganising the house so as to create a working space. I wa...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : Death on The Happy Train

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : Death on The Happy Train: MALIA!!! The weather over the past few days has been a bit grim to say the least but today the sun is shining and I would imagine the b...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : For Yiorgos R.I.P.

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : For Yiorgos R.I.P.: Yiorgos  by Jane Sharp You were in your best light that day As you posed with the great curly horned ram Surrounded as you were by ...

Such sad news today, made even more sad when I found out that Yiorgo's mum passed away last week too. My sincere, heartfelt condolences.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sudden Death of Local Doctor 43 Year Old.

Sudden death of local doctor, Yannis Komninos.

There is much sadness amongst the local community for the loss of the doctor, Yannis Komninos who suffered a heart attack while on duty in the hospital at Neapolis, Lassithi, Crete.
After being transferred to Agios Nikolaos he lost the " battle " for life. 

Dr Yannis was loved throughout the local community which  deeply mourns his loss. He was 43 year old, married and father of a boy 9 years old.

The funeral will be held today Saturday, at 15.00 at the church Notre Kamariano in New Halicarnassus.

I'm lost for words, such a brilliant doctor, such a bright spark. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Walk Around Vrahassi

 First park the car!

 Find an ancient landmark

 Stop for a word with the locals!

Notice the rising street levels! 

 And spot the demolished house!

Or buy one that wants demolishing! 

 Enjoy the village aromas of oranges and lemons!

 Investigate unusual objects!
And pick up a hire car for the journey home!

This is Crete - would we have it any other way?

Is there any wonder that I am inspired to write when I'm here? My new novel is 40000 words in now, first draft, and growing. It is nothing like my first one, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey, which by the way, you can buy from Amazon, Barns and Noble, or order from your local bookshop or library, no this one is much different, but it still has a hint of Mediterranean. You are going to love it, I know. 

Anyway, blogging isn't getting my new book written, so I'll say 'bye' and talk to you some more very soon.

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Love Jane x