Friday, March 9, 2012

'THE PLANET CHANGES' Exhibition Gouves


March, 2012

A comprehensive exposition, focussing on Climatic Change: The Threat to Life And a New Energy Future, will open next month at the International Exhibition Center in Gournes.
The exhibit, entitled “The Planet Changes,” has been organised by the Greek Center for Marine Research and the Cretaquarium in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History in New York. In a space of over 800 square meters, the complexity of the climatic change phenomenon, the most important world environmental problem today, will be unfolded to the public. The exhibit is structured in eight units touching on such issues and subjects as the historicity of the production of energy from hydrocarbons, the repercussions in land and marine ecosystems and the solutions which can be given for a viable future on an individual as well as on a social level.

Particular emphasis is given to the enormous importance of Oceans and Seas in the configuration of world climate. The Cretaquarium, apart from the AMNH exhibits, extends the exhibit with subjects concerning the climatic change in the region of the Mediterranean Sea and in the Greek seas, presenting with current museological approaches the scientific results from research done by the Hellenic Marine Institute and other scientific institutions.
Prior to its official opening, this month specialised personnel from the American Museum of Natural History in New York will arrive in Crete for the preparation and setting up of the exhibit. The exhibit is set to start on April 14 and will remain open until the end of September.
During this exhibit, organized activities and events will be programmed for the public, reinforcing the importance of the area of the former American base in Gournes, combined with the Cretaquarium, as the most attractive area in Eastern Crete.

Information taken from the Khronicles on line newspaper, Crete.

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