Friday, March 23, 2012

Have You Read My Book About Crete?

Book Review for Tears from the Sun – A Cretan Journey by Jane Sharp

This is a book you have to read whether you are interested in Crete or not. It is the story of a Cumbrian woman who has lost her family in tragic accidents. She is a writer who comes to Crete to write her book. The book which she eventually writes is a book about a Minoan prince and his princess and their part in the sudden destruction of the Minoan civilization. It is certainly an alternative theory to the way in which the Minoan palace of Malia was destroyed in about 1450 B.C.
Tears from the Sun – A Cretan Journey is, in a way, two books in one. The reader accompanies Kate’s every thought and action, as she experiences life in the mountain village of Vrahassi, whilst at the same time, taking a journey back in time to follow the life of Rhamu and Sisi.
Naturally, there is much to be learned about Cretan customs such as baptisms, funerals etc, as they are described first hand by Kate. She has good times and bad as she works in the holiday resort of Sissi and trips off to Malia, Heraklion, Lassithi, Neapolis, Ierapetra and Chrissi Island.
The characters Kate meets jump of the page. It is very easy to imagine every scene, from scruffy mountain men to the Bishop of Xania, from her ex-pat friends to holidaymakers, each one brought to life in this cameo of Crete.
Together with Papa Yorgos and a Scottish sear, Kate uncovers deep, philosophical questions that inspire and inform the reader as she follows her quest to reunite Rhamu with his lost princess. She embarks on an esoteric journey in her effort to find the Emerald Crystal, which finally leads to a climax involving magic, myth and musical harmony.
The poetry which is contained within the book is beautiful and well crafted. This new novel about Crete is certainly a book with a difference; a book which will make you cry, make you laugh, and make you think.

You can obtain your copy from,, Waterstones, Smiths and other English bookshops, or ask your local library for a copy.  ISBN9781449073978 Also available as an e-book on Amazon’s Kindle.

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