Friday, March 30, 2012

People of Vrahassi Object to Hydro Electric Plant

The following is a brief translation of what happened at the meeting last night. For a full report in Greek please see the blog Anavloxos in the side bar right.

A meeting of the local community of Vrachasi convened Thursday 29/3/12 at the invitation of local clubs, to expresse opposition to the siting and licensing of a renewable energy industry facility in the local community of Vrachasi without any information and without any permission from the local community.The local community are flabbergasted that no one from the local self-governing bodies appear know anything, given production licenses for huge industrial-sized RE: Two hydro hybrid, a station with 13 turbines, with a request for permission and a further 9 wind turbines.And all this in an area protected as a special protection network Natura 2000 and as a wildlife refuges.Indeed, the huge hydroelectric hybrid position Koutralia (100 mw power the largest in Greece) is sited adjacent to and in rare Azilakodasos, a rare forest of oak quercious ilex, that similar does not exist anywhere in Greece.
We declare our opposition to this and ask all local government bodies to support us in our fight to prevent these devastating circumstances.
In this context we shall set up a Committee to do all that is necessary to express our opposition to the practice and prevent the destruction of the natural wealth of our country.The protest committee will consist of: D. Kiriakakis, G. Kostakis, G. Miliara, G. Manousakis, Ang. Souladakis, Ang. Vidali, Mich. Kyriakakis, S. Vrontino, M. Lydaki.

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