Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feeling On Top Of The World!

Now I ask, what did this poor dog do to deserve such bad living conditions?
This was taken after heavy rain, and bitter cold.

Our dog Zouki enjoyed the puddles though!

And this billy goat gruff is seemed happy enough amongst the old ruined houses, eating the fresh grass with his family.

I meanwhile feel on top of the world, a bit chilly, but with a hot mug of tea to warm the cockles I am enjoying the mountain

So, all I can say is that I am glad I wasn't fated to be a Cretan sheep dog. The one in the photo is a sorry sight, but he will get fed every day, and he has company, on the other side of the road was his mate in an old oil can. They have not been abandoned, and whilever the shepherd can use them, either to guard his land, or to round up his sheep, they will not be poisoned. Our dog, Zouki, is almost ten years old now, and that is remarkable for a dog in Vrahassi, or Sissi, or most of the places in Crete. Even though it is eligal to put poison down, the practice still goes on. This week there were reports of someone's pet in Sissi eating poison on the roadside. It is part of a great dog and cat cull that goes on every year before the tourist season begins. Surely there is a more humane way of dealing with stray animals. When we took Zouki we knew that she would have to take a chance, we lost our little dog who took a piece of cheese from a neighbour, brought it home and within seconds was convulsing, and within minutes, was dead. Some of our English friends have bought muzzles for their dogs, some carry an antidote injection, you can never be too carefull. And Greek people lose their pets too, a few weeks ago in Sissi a Greek friend of mine had her two lovely dogs poisoned. There are some very unfealing people about. All I can say is be aware of this and do the best you can for your pet.

Meanwhile, one Vrahassi farmer is doing the best he can for his goats. He has tethered them in the lane at the top side of our house, and they are munching away nicely, stripping all the weeds and grass from the lane, and making a very good job of clearing the path. Either Vrahassi needs more goats, or the Council needs to provide us with a street cleaner.

Speaking of street cleaning, I notice that the mess that was underneath the old pergola in the main square, has been cleared away. Maybe it is the beginning of something big!

That's all for now, the weather is warming slowly, and dry, so hope it stays that way. I do believe it has been warmer in England of late, but it is nothing new, every year at this time we long for summer.

Talk again soon,
Love Jane x

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