Monday, March 26, 2012

National Day in Agios Nikolaos

David and I had a splendid day in Agios on Sunday. We got there early, while most people were in Church, and had a coffee in the square. Then we took a frontline position to watch the parade. It began with the entrance of the Scouts and Cubs. They made a dramatic entrance to the sound of loud, clanging church bells. Then the priests arrived, and the Mayor and other important people. I don't have the name of the man who recited his poem, it was popular with the crowd, written in mantinatha style, and very long. Then, piped brass band music rallied the marchers, who proudly paraded up the main street, into the square, and down towards the harbour. When it was all over, we sat in the sunshine and enjoyed a glass of wine before heading home. The day went without incident, though there were a few orderly demonstraters. There was a large police presence just in case of trouble, but they were not needed. So, on we go towards Easter, and the great Greek holiday.

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