Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heated Discussion at Vrahassi Council Meeting

People listen to a list of works read by Michaelis Petselakis
The meeting begins in a civilized manner.
David and I attended the Council Meeting in Vrahassi, last night, along with friend Lydia, and a good representation of people from Sissi, Milatos, and Vrahassi. It was chaired by the Mayor of Agios Nikolaos, and representatives from each village. Mr Michaelis Petselakis opened the discussion with a financial report and list of works to be done. Things discussed were, the neglect of repair of the roads in the area, the terrible state of the water supply, the absence of street cleaners, the irregulare collection of rubbish and the bad state of street lighting. I heard something about a football ground but couldn't understand exactly what.There were many grievences and few solutions. Hopefully the bad state of local government will be sorted out, and our villages will be improved. The discussion was loud and often vituperative, in one instance almost coming to fisticuffs. There was a distinct clash of personalities. Mr Dimitri Kiriakakis did talk about the company who have first permissions to erect wind turbines in the mountains across from Vrahassi and towards Krasi, but he got very little support for his objection to the destruction of what should be designated a National Park, from what I could make out.
Then all hell breaks loose

And it almost ends in a fight!

There are many angry people about at the moment, nerves are frayed with the economic situation, and the frustrations of inadequate services are adding to their grievence. Let's hope their voices have been heard, and the needs of the community looked to. 

And now it's time for my 7 minute workout before a healthy bowl of porrige oats, then a couple of hours cello practice, and an evening writing a bit more to my new novel. 

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