Monday, March 19, 2012

In the Mountains of Crete (across from Vrahassi)

Yesterday David and I took a trip into the mountains, up past the Monastery of St George and on towards the lower slope of Selena. A French company has been given the first permissions to build a wind farm up there. What a shame if that beautiful, natural countryside is scarred by the errection of wind turbines. Personally, I think the area should be designated a National Park, and that should include Vrahassi and Anavlohos. The abundence of wild flowers, the natural habitat of the Griffon Vulture and other wild birds, the fact of being able to visit a piece of this planet where it is possible to be at one with nature, are all reasons why this area should be protected. I know I am not alone in thinking this, and I only hope that we can find some way of stopping the proposed scheme.
Sorry about the shake on the video, but the road is very bad. It's a thought, but, isn't there any European money to help make that road better so that more people can enjoy the mountains. If it were a tourist attraction (and I don't mean to make it into a main road) then that may be another reason to make it a National Park, with proper signs, and regulations. It works in England where there are Park Rangers to help control things like litter, protection of species etc.
Selena is a beautiful mountain, a very beautiful mountain, go there if you can, and see for yourself.

Love Jane x

By the way, the lovely music is Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata, and I am going to listen to the whole thing while I do my 7 minute workout. Got to get fit to walk in the mountains.

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