Saturday, April 25, 2009


Check out these happy Vrahassians, Maria and Emanuela with friend Angela. Can you remember skipping ropes? It is so good to see children playing, running around, laughing together, learning how to share.

This is just to say 'Thank you' to all those people who have said really nice things about me after the verbal attack of 'Silly-Dilly' (oops there I go again with that spelling problem).

Did you know that the Heraklion Philharmonic is to play at the Rex in Agios Nikolaos tomorrow night at about 9 (I think)?

This morning I was busy cooking horta pies for the 'Soiree' tonight. Now I am going upstairs to practice a bit of Mozart. Meanwhile David is at the house continuing the good work of 'finishing off'. It is Lefteris' sheep-sheering day tomorrow so hope to have some photo's of that to post.

Vrahassi this morning is bright, blue skies, but a bit chilly and a slight breeze. It's not summer yet.


dillydilly said...

You post a public blog, one which invites comments, on which you describe yourself as a “writer” and talk of “presiding” over Greek lessons. Are you only interested in sycophantic responses, or can you take the truth?

I am a professional writer, a published poet and a qualified teacher of Greek. It took me years of study, practice and hard work to get to that position and I object to any semi-literate shopkeeper with artistic pretensions devaluing the currency of words like “writer”. Would you call yourself a “doctor” as readily? Or offer cookery lessons using inaccurate recipes?

I happened upon this blog by chance and was appalled to see a “writer” and “teacher” mangling two languages. (“Agios Nikoloas" is not a spelling mistake; it is ignorance). Don’t worry – I shan’t be following any longer.

PS There is no apostrophe in photos.

Jane Sharp said...

Get you! But I beg to differ about the apostrophe in 'photo's' surely the apostrophe is to indicate letters that are missed out, in this case correctly written would be photographs, therefore the apostrphe is in place of the letters 'g r a p h'

It is a pity that you will not be following my blog any longer. Anyway, Goodbye.