Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, I've been found out! I'm not perfect and I can't spell. It all started at a very early age but we'll not go into that. It's never stopped me writing and I doubt that it ever will. I can 'spell check' most of the time but when writing in Greek that is not possible.

There you go Mr or Mrs Dilly-Dilly, whoever you are, at least I do put my name to my blog comments even if they are a bit 'spell crazy'.

As for being a Greek teacher, I am proud to say that I have helped several people to increase their knowledge of the language but I have always let it be known that I have my limitations and do NOT know everything.

It really is not necessary therefore to keep posting 'rude' comments on my blog telling me how inadequate I am. Hey, that's putting it very politely, when what I really want to say is 'F...off'.


Sambuca John said...

Well said Jane, was little surprised it took so long. And once again for good measure...
Fuck off Dilly Dilly you pedantic eejeet!

Hope my spelling is ok.

Jo and Jack said...

I have to agree with Sambuca John. Dilly Dilly, get a life! Arsehole!

dillydilly said...

But it’s not just the spelling though, is it? It’s the poor grammar, the bad pronunciation, the lack of any interest in, or understanding of, the Greek language. For instance, it has to be ORTHodox because all words starting with “ορθο” have to do with rightness, correctness, uprightness. So Orthodox, the “true” religion; orthopaedics in English, And ορθογραφία, or correct spelling…….

Cretemum said...

There is more to being human than understanding the complicated nuances of a foreign language.
There is the participation in and enjoyment of life in all its forms such as nature, art and ones fellow man.

I do believe that Jane is far more qualified as a well rounded citizen of ANY society than you, Dillydilly could ever hope to be.

Can you not save your vitriol for someone you deserves it?

Cave-Ugg said...

I Watch.
I watch you.
I cross paths.
This is my "Uprightness" from where I see you below.
A time of "correctness" has come upon you.
I Watch.
I watch you.