Saturday, April 11, 2009


HAPPY EASTER TO ALL IN ENGLAND AND ELSEWHERE IF YOU ARE CELEBRATING EASTER THIS WEEKEND. This is the nearest thing to a traffic jam that we get in Vrahassi!

David and I celebrate the Greek Easter, which is next weekend, so no holiday just yet for us. The race is on to be in the house for Easter Sunday, (next Sunday) when we shall be having a barbecue and housewarming party.

Tomorrow is the 'Flowers of Crete' Bazaar in Neapolis so must be up early as the doors open at 10 a.m. I am on the raffle so better get organized for that. Lyds and Vanessa will come with me to help and there will be more ladies manning the stalls, making tea, and taking the money (hopefully). This is the first such event for 'Flowers of Crete' so we don't really know what to expect. I know there are loads of books there because I sent them.

It's been a bit rainy today so hope tomorrow is better. I have to put my 'flyers' around advertising my walks, so want a fine day. I have just finished printing them and now it's cocoa time. Not that I am drinking cocoa at the moment. The good news is that my liver is fine and no sign of any other nasty bug lurking in my gut, but I am on the pro-biotic stuff and trying to eat those things that won't give me wind (don't laugh).

So, enjoy your chicken, turkey, chocolate, trip to the park or whatever you are doing this weekend and be happy.

Jane x (and David x)


Jude said...

Happy Easter to you too.........
No chocolate eggs for you either then?? I'll just sit here and mope.

dillydilly said...

How can you celebrate a festival of a church whose name you can't spell? How long have you lived in Greece and you can't spell Orthodox?
And you presume to call yourself "a writer"???