Friday, February 24, 2012

Report of Council Meeting in Vrahassi

Met yesterday Vrachasiou Local Council dealt with a number of issues in our village.Unanimously decided to grant part of the plot in Sissi parking for construction of multipurpose Surgery, proposed by the Governor of the DOE and City Councilor Crete Agios Nikolaos Panicos Mr. Karatzas.Subject to the operation of the company by its Regional Director Chris Mamaloukos, who asked to join the Company with 20% of the sports club Vrachasiou.President of Operations and Regional Director Vrachasiou C. Fthenakis referred to the municipality for the participation of AO Vrachasiou essentially disagreeing with the possibility to join the team at the company's share capital.Also negative were the C. Fthenakis and the creation of RES in our region. In the same wavelength on this issue was Chris Mamaloukos while President Michael Petsalakis expressed the view that any investments of this kind should be made with absolute protection of the environment with respect to areas under a special law NATURA.The President also noted that in any case would be provided economic benefits to local communities and the City and agreed to the proposal by Mayor Nicholas St. to create a special zoning plan to regulate the installation of such units.The President of the Local Council asked for extensive information both by stakeholders involved (City, Region, Forest Service, etc.) and the Company to be informed in detail about the plans.
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