Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crete in the Winter

Kalo Mina! Happy 1st February! David and I each have our little jobs to do, and his, being the hunter-gatherer, is to make sure that we have wood for the fire. I'm chief cook and bottle washer, as they say. At least it is not raining today, in fact it is brightening up a little. I might even get some washing dry. Ah, a woman's work... and all that.

I might just take a look at the world news; see who's killing who today. I read yesterday, that a young shepherd had been shot dead in a dispute over grazing land. The other 30 yr old shepherd gave himself in, and now the police are watching the families involved because they fear it will start a vendetta. It all happened far away from Vrahassi, near Xania, but who knows which families are involved?

Anyway, back to my writing. My new novel is in first draft, so nowhere near the end yet. Still, 22,000 words brings it about a third of the way there. An encouraging thought.

Have a good first of the month.
Love Jane x

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J.Norman said...

Jane and Dave,
I must tell you how very much I love your videos and all that wonderful energy you guys are sending from a little place I knew very little about -- until you two became the "correspondents on the scene." I know of no other people who tell the story of Crete as well as you.
Please continue your media connections. It's just wonderful.

Btw, I'm teaching another writing workshop this weekend and plan to give a commercial for you two. It's more than interesting. I feel like I have family there.

Don't need a writing workshop on Crete, do you? I've been invited to the UK in September to hold workshops.

Love to both
Joyce XXX