Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cretan Traditional Almond Drink - SOUMADA

Soumatha is a soft drink made from almonds and sugar. This video is well worth watching; it shows how the drink is traditionally made in the area of Neapolis, which is our local town. And if you would like to try making it yourself, here is how:


  • 500 grams almonds (skins removed)
  • 60 bitter almonds (see note)
  • 1700 grams sugar
  • 1700 grams water


Remove the skins from the almonds by boiling them for a minute or two. The skins will slip easily.
Dissolve the sugar in half the water and boil until you have a syrup consistency. Set aside. Using a food processor or blender, grind the sweet and bitter almonds into a fine powder. Combine the ground almonds with the remaining water.
Using a strainer lined with cheesecloth, strain the liquid from the ground almonds and reserve. Kyria Anna passes the ground almonds and water 2 or 3 times through the cheesecloth to extract the most flavor.
Combine the strained almond liquid with the sugar syrup and heat on the stove, being careful not to allow the mixture to boil.
To serve, add about an inch of syrup to a tall glass with some ice. Add water and enjoy.

 A bit more information about soumada (pronounced soumatha)
 Mastic resin is exported throughout
the world for confectionery, distillery
and pharmaceutical purposes. In
Greek cuisine, masticha is used in
cakes, cookies, drinks, liqueurs and
candies. In the summertime, Greeks
enjoy a masticha drink called
soumatha. To make soumatha, a
syrupy almond milk is made from
pounded almonds, sugar and masticha,
which is then mixed with an equal
part of water.

It has been a fantastic day in Vrahassi today, blue skies, sunshine, about 15 degrees. The moon is coming up to full on Tuesday so I'm looking forward to our 'full moon' outing. Not sure where to yet.

Have a good week.
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