Monday, February 20, 2012

Apokries Party in Vrahassi, Crete. 2012

I enjoyed seeing the children of Vrahassi, dressed up for Carnival, but it made me miss my three grandchildren so very much. David and I went to Yannis' in the centre, with a crowd of English friends, where we discussed the economic problems and the proposed wind farm on the top of Selena, and the hills across from Vrahassi. Apparently a French company has been given the first permissions to build a hydroelectric plant, and erect wind turbines in our hills. Will they go ahead? We shall have to wait and see.

The cold weather continues but there are blue skies, and tomorrow temperatures of 15 degrees are forcast. I clipped the shag-pile hair from little Maisie today, so hope she doesn't catch cold.

And now I am going to have a nice hot cup of tea, and take a look at FaceBook. Have a good evening blog-watchers, wherever you may be.

Love Jane x

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