This is a Greek reality that officials could not turn a blind eye to. The fact that many families cannot properly feed their children anymore due to the strict austerity and devastating economic crisis. As the phenomenon of malnourished school children has been increasing, the Education Ministry decided to provide children with free snack-meals in 18 schools of 10 districts and low-income suburbs of Athens. In the districts of Patisia, Exarchia and Vathis Square, in the south suburbs of Tavros and Moschato and the eastern suburbs of  Nikaia, Menidi, Keratsini, Aspropyrgos, the ministry will distribute coupons worth €2 to €3 to school children in order to get their free snacks form the school canteens. Milk and cereal biscuits, a sandwich, a fruit.
Deputy Education Minister Evi Christophilopoulou said that the pilot programme is financed by EU money and she did not rule out that the programme may be extended to schools ini other areas as well.
Some Greek readers may recall, that in the 1950′s free milk was been distributed to Greek school children to prevent malnutrition.  At that time the aid was given via the Marshall Plan.(Taken from an article in Keep Talking Greece)
This must not be allowed to happen in 21st century Europe!
Greek children during WWII Occupation