Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Voice for the Mountain

A Voice for the Mountain
(Plans to build a hydroelectric dam in an area of natural beauty in Crete, Greece)

I speak…
On behalf of the rocks,
On behalf of the scree,
On behalf of the flowers,
On behalf of the trees,
On behalf of the birds,
On behalf of the bees
On behalf of the Gods
In the Cretan breeze,

I speak…
For worms, snails, slugs and spiders
Slitherers, skippers, hoppers, climbers,
For moths, butterflies and beetles,
For snakes, lizards, stoats and weasels,

I speak…
For the rare protected vulture,
Eagles, emblem of Greek culture,
For the ancient oaks and oleaster,
For all that face this great disaster,

Think twice before you rape and raid
This fragile land, so perfect made,
Think how its beauty once erased
Can never ever be replaced,

Think of the forests that breathe for the world,
Think what each leaf gives you as it unfurls,
Think of the mountain as home, if you can,
To trillions of beings, and understand,
They don’t have a voice, they haven’t a clue
What man and his bulldozers intend to do,

I speak out for those who don’t have a voice,
For trees and creatures without any choice
For the natural habitat of birds,
For the air we breathe, listen to my words,
It’s time to respect the earth that’s our home,
It’s time to share in this planet’s song
Just think how you’d feel at the final hour,
If you were destroyed by those wanting power

© Jane Sharp 2012

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