Thursday, April 26, 2012

'They Will Take Our Air, They Will Take Our Mountain,They Will Take Our Water!'

"They will take our air, they will take our mountain, they will take our water." Words spoken by Dimitrie Kiriakakis, the President of Vrahassi Local Council.

And these are my words:
This is a beautiful area, if the hydroelectric dam is built in these mountains it will be an ecological disaster. Valuable trees will be lost, the ecosystem will be upset, the natural habitat of the griffon vulture will be destroyed. I hope the people in power will show some respect for the earth, the land which they have been given guardianship of. The birds cannot speak, so I will speak for them. The mountains cannot speak, so I will speak, the trees cannot speak, so I will speak: from my heart I ask, please do not decimate the environment in this way. Listen to the voices before it is too late, listen to all these sensitive people who care about their land, listen before the beauty which God has created is destroyed by man's greed. I can do very little except add my voice to those in opposition of this plan. The politicians CAN stop this French company from raping Cretan soil. I hope and pray that they will do the right thing.

Jane Sharp

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