Sunday, April 22, 2012

High Winds Cause Caos in Crete

The average intensity of the winds reached 9 Beaufort (about 80 Km / h) with gusts that exceeded in some areas of 110-120 km / h.The gale force winds caused problems throughout the island, but especially in western areas while the afternoon Wednesday was prohibitive for ships sailing to Heraklion and Chania.The fire department received dozens of calls for cutting trees and removing objects from the road and there were some incidents, such as in inland areas of Chania, where farmers with their tractors took to the streets to move tree trunks that had fallen on the pavement.Inside the Wednesday night 18/04 the low barometric moved to the Black Sea resulting in the gradual weakening of the winds in Greek seas.

And the aftermath left a wonderful sculpture in my back yard. I call it 'upended kennel'. Lucky the dogs were not in the dog house at the time!

Jane x

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