Friday, April 6, 2012

I Doesn't Hurt to Dream

You may wonder what a Bentley Continental GT has to do with marmalade. Well they are both mine! I made the marmalade from oranges that were given to me by a friend whose tree was abundant with fruit. And the Bentley was given to me in exactly the same way. There is abundance out there, a glut of Bentleys just waiting to be distributed to worthy recipients. I was one of those recipients. My Bentley is blue, like the one in the picture. It has a leather interior with seats that are more comfy than any sofa I've ever had. It has surround sound that enables me to listen to rich cello music as I drive along, tons better than my computer speakers, and in the boot there is a picnic hamper complete with smoked salmon sandwiches and champagne. My driver, David, drinks Coca Cola, at least when he is driving. We cruise through Europe visiting all those capital cities that we have never seen, and we stay in the best hotels. Along the way I collect a whole pile of data about our trip and when we return home I write a book about it. 'Poetry is a Bentley'. My book is a best seller, of course, and I am invited to do readings all over the world. With all the money I make I help put a smile on millions of faces, inspiring them to live their dream too. And while I am doing all this David and I are having one hell of an adventure! Now you might ask, 'What’s in the marmalade?' My answer, ‘A zest for life!’ It doesn’t hurt to dream!

My Marmalade

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