Thursday, April 5, 2012

Agios Nikolaos Join the Fight to Save the Oak Trees of Vrahassi!

 This isn't the best translation, but I got it from Google Translate, taking it from the account in Greek on the Anablochos blog, there is a link in the right hand margin of this page for the full account in Greek and pictures.

An objection to the Region for the hybrid in Azilakodasos decided unanimously yesterday by the Municipal Council of St. Nicholas
The first issue off the agenda was discussed yesterday at the City Council St. Nicholas submitted the issue of MPE for the hybrid hydroelectric power to "Koutralia" in the Azilakodasous Vrachasiou.
Opening the issue Kounenaki D. Mayor read the resolution of the recent Assembly Vrachasiou held by clubs in the area and said the community was right after all made in absentia, while the EIA is unacceptable not to submit for approval to any municipality. So said he recommends the acceptance of those listed and proposed to join the City of St. Nicholas objection together with the regional actors in the Environment Committee of the Region of Crete, which will be introduced for approval by the MPA the project.Then spoke the Dav. Director V. Hatzidakis, who read a text with the positions of the Democratic Rally for industrial electricity and stated that he agrees with an objection. The head of the Municipal Cooperation said that the party is not against renewable energy, however, sufficient to ensure the protection of the environment and resources of a region and said that he agrees with the submission of the objection.The ground taken and Aldermen and the mayor finally closing the matter said that the City has expressed that it is not against renewable energy, but the location must be done with vacant, a study and consultation with local communities, which is Currently not applicable and therefore suggests the joining of the objection.So the City Council took this decision unanimously and now must be set that will be drafted and filed this appeal.
It is worth noting that when discussing this topic in the Public Council, the hall was attended by many residents of Vrachasiou and Milatos (over 30) showing real interest in the local community on this issue without having to speak to a representative of the protest committee.Also attended by members of the Ecological Movement Miramvellou and solidarity Citizens interested in practice on the course of this important environmental case of Mirabello.

It is a very positive step, well done all protesters, and the best of luck! Jane x

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