Saturday, November 12, 2011

Supermarket Shopping in Crete November 2011

As a record of what some of the supermarket foodstuff costs, I took this video in Neapolis yesterday. It will be interesting to compare a few prices in a month's time from now. As you can see our local Xalkiadakis supermarket is well set out, has a good selection of fresh veg and a passable fresh meat counter. It is a clean shop and the assistants are very pleasant (except for bad hair days - and we all get them from time to time). Outside there is good parking. Generally speaking there is a variety of food and necessities such as cleaning materials, toilet rolls etc,. It is only a small shop, but quite adequate for basic weekly needs. And parking is very easy.

I am living with my limp and looking forward to a good long walk with no pain.

Last night we had friends round for supper and I overdosed on cheesecake. The result was a dodgy tummy all night. Only myself to blame! I missed Greek class as a consequence and am very cross with myself.

Hello Eva - yes it was a pleasant coffee break.
Hello The Gang and Eric, thinking of you this Saturday evening, hope all is well.
Happy Saturday to everyone.

Love Jane x

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