Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neapolis, Crete, in November Sunshine

It was so good to get out of the house today, but foot is far from being okay. I'm still limping. Maybe another week will see it right. Apart from the slight inconvenience I'm enjoying this lovely November weather. I must say that I am feeling very price conscious at the moment, as the money in my purse is not stretching very far. I filmed my visit to the supermarket in Neapolis, and I will post it tomorrow. It is really as a record of today's grocery prices. The cheapest sugar I could find was 1.12 euro, maybe it is cheaper in Lidle's but the petrol cost to get there would wipe out the saving. My bargain of the day was a half litre of wine and mezze for 2.50 euro, not bad for two people, but it wasn't anywhere posh! Still, you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere posh in Neapolis. Beggers can't be choosers as they say!

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eva i Aten said...

Seems like a nice coffee break!