Monday, November 7, 2011


I found this video and thought it was fun - like the music too!

No it's not a 'hold up'! During my 7 minute workout today I had to do press ups against the wall. Press ups on the floor were just beyond me, I only managed 3.

I have had the Greek news on all day, but am still not sure who the new Prime Minister is. All will be revealed tomorrow.

Another fine day coming up tomorrow, 19 degrees, or there about. If only my foot was not so painful I would go out for a walk. I do keep saying 'I love my foot', you would think it would respond to the extra attention and perk up a bit. Maybe I should try a bit of straight talking: 'Look foot, just stop arsing about and MEND!' There I've said it.

So, here's looking forward to being mobile again.
Love Jane x

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