Saturday, November 5, 2011


As I was setting off to go to my Greek class today I saw this family of goats in Vrahassi. If it had not have been for the truck and the new house it could have been a scene from a long time ago.

I enjoyed the Greek class, though every week I realize just how much more there is to learn. Still, life is like that isn't it? On my way home I picked up a neighbour who was struggling home with her shopping. How grateful I am to have a car that is the right size to navigate the narrow streets of Vrahassi.

Last night David and I popped to the little taverna in Latsida with friends. It was a lovely evening even though we were the only customers. The food was really delicious. What a blow to hear that they are closing on Sunday for the winter. Back in Vrahassi, we had a drink in Cosmos to get the gen on the political situation. The flavour of the day, however, was basketball, and extremely loud too. Not to worry, all was revealed this morning when we listened to the news - a coalition government is to be formed. Go to it chaps!

I am disappointed that everywhere I have been lately, smokers have been puffing away regardless of the 'no smoking' ban. Still I have lived with smoke in cafeneos for 17 years, so it will not be a hardship to go on doing so. I can always stay out of them when it gets too smoggy.

Well, our wood burner is cosying up our house, and it is time for cello practice. Tomorrow I shall get up with the bells and do a spot of baking. Why not? Home made buscuits for elevensies. Don't all rush round at once. And on Wednesday I am going on a little trip to Knossos. I'll let you know all about it.

Monday is my next workout day, I didn't post pictures yesterday because I didn't want to put you off your food. It wasn't a pretty sight - then, you could say that about all the videos. Still, I am on a mission to get fit, so watch out for my chest and triceps exercise.

Oh, and happy bonfire night! If you are freezing your socks off in the drizzle, with a jacket potato to keep your fingers warm, while you try to separate your false teeth from the treacle toffee - lucky you!

And finally, Happy Birthday Sky, hope you did at least manage a sparkler!

Looking forward to tomorrow,
Love Jane x

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