Monday, January 25, 2010


Sorry no pictures of this but what an exciting evening I had last Friday. Did I mention that I had been asked to join the Rethymnon Philharmonc Orchestra, well I went to my first rehearsal on Friday. David drove me over there, the two hour drive was effortless, we found the orchestra's building in the middle of Rethymnon and then it was music all the way. Wow, it's a long time since I was in the school orchestra and to have all instructions in Greek was yet another challenge, but I got through and now I have a whole new set of music to master. You can imagine the programme in my house, I am lurching between proofing my book, music theory, cello practice, Greek homework and making sure that there is food on the table.

Both David and I are also on a diet to reduce blood pressure and colestrol, we have both lost a little weight but it is not easy this weather. We are trying not to combine carbohydrates with proteins, it is an eating plan which we have tried before (successfully) and we have started to shift some of that fat.

The village seems very quiet at the moment, most people are at home in the evenings by their log fires, watching TV in comfort. That's where I am and that is where I am going to stay, enjoying a bit of hybernation until we have blue skies again.

There will be brighter days soon though - and photos!

Can anyone tell me what (if any) action Vrahassi is going to take in opposition to the new 'Kapodistria' bill? I'd appreciate some information. I have read the report from the council saying that Vrahassi will oppose the bill. How and when?

OK it's proof reading time, bye for now, Jane x

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Rovithis Manolis said...

Congratulations !
All the best to you in your beginning with the Philharmonic .
Manolis Rovithis