Friday, January 1, 2010


It was a 'sparkly' New Year's Eve, lots of bubbly and dancing at the Comotions Bar in Istron. We went 'out of town' this year in search of a bit of action. It was fun. I won a box of liqueurs in the 'Guess the shot' competition and we saw the New Year in in style. We didn't drive home, we had booked an appartment so this morning we called in at Agios Nikolaos for coffee. Unfortunately I have still not shaken off my 'hangover'. Ah well! All in a good cause! I don't know what time our friends surfaced but we are going round to their place for dinner tomorrow night so I'll find out then. This 'enjoyment' thing is becoming a habit. Oh, by the way, thanks for your comment Manoli but I think it will take a better man than me to alter the ways of the mighty Vrahassians! I'll take back stage on that one. Thanks to everyone for your good New Year wishes. 2010 has got off to a fantastic start with news that my book will go into production on the 7th January and should be available towards the end of February. Watch out for the title on Amazon and in the Book Stores 'Tears from the Sun - a Cretan Journey'. Now, where is that packet of Depon!

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