Sunday, January 3, 2010


Our little walk today took us out of the village towards the cemetry where we branched off right as though to join the main road to Milatos, then we turned left onto the green lane which runs parallel to the asphalt road. When we came to a road that branched off left we took that, it was once a donkey track now very overgrown and at one point we had to detour through the olive groves before picking it up again. Unfortunately the shepherds have fenced off the old track and built a large sheep feeding area, but it did not deter us and we soon had the little church of Agioi Saranta in our sight. After visiting the church we joined the old road again to find that it becomes a built road which leads down to the main road to Milatos. To make a round trip we followed the main road back into Vrahassi. Our leisurely walk took us 2 hours, and apart from having to scramble over a wall into the olive groves almost all the way was easy and level.

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