Thursday, January 7, 2010


I don't think that there is a Yianni among these young lads who came to my door to sing the traditional Christmas song but I am sure that they know plenty of people with that name. Today is that Name Day for all those who are called Yiannis. I know one or two. I did pass by the cafeneo to wish Yianni 'Kronia Polla' only he was asleep and I didn't like to wake him! He looked like he was having a good day though.

Once again Manolis thank you for the information, being neither Catholic or Orthodox my knowledge of the various Doctrines is somewhat limited. And... I never tire of learning so hit me with the comments as often as necessary. I have spent about 2 hours reading up on the various teachings connected with 'Sophia' and I must say it was all very enlightening. So again, thanks!

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