Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Caught in the act! But these likely lads were doing a good deed. Because the main church, Agia Sophia, has been refurbished the old furniture is being distributed between the other churches of the village. These particular pieces were being delivered to the church of Agia Marina just behind Yanni's Ouzarie in the square. I had better take a look at the new, improved church, people tell me that it is wonderful with new choir stalls, new candle holders and new icon. A photo call if ever there was one!

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Rovithis Manolis said...

Jane ,
I just want you to be better informed so I will help you with some corrections.
"Ναός της Αγίας του Θεού Σοφίας"
"Church of the Holly God's Sophist"
The "big church" in Vrachassi has not honored to Lady Saintess "Agia Sofia".
It is honored to God's Sofia.
Sofia means wisdom ,knowledge, sophistry,erudition, to act as a sophist.
There is also a name Sofia like John's mother in plateia but this is comming from the Saintess Sofia.
In order to intentify to whom Saint or Saintess the said church is honored you have to recognise their icon next to Virgin Mother's icon on the left of the Holly Entrance - the sanctuary - of each church.
In the "big church" of Vrachassi left of Virgin Mother , the icon is not honored to Agia Sofia.
You also have to know that the "big church" in Vrachassi has the same honor with the the "big church" in Contantinoupoli-Instanbul- in Turkey where is the base of our Ecumenical Patriarch as Orthodox Christians.
Exactly like Pope in Vatican.
Our Ecumenical Patriarch is there from 360 to 1453ac under Greek - Byzantine Empire and 1453 to present under turkish occupation.
All these are just to inform - correct you .
Thank you
Manolis Rovithis