Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Church of Greece on its Knees

The creation of yet another committee - I think it's time for action, not words!

Church to draft 3-year plan to curb debt, exploit assets

The Church of Greece is drawing up a three-year financial plan in a bid to determine the size of its debt and to exploit its assets to secure its autonomy, Archbishop Ieronymos told a session of the Holy Synod on Tuesday.
“The situation today is dire,” Ieronymos told clerics, saying that the Church’s debts and the general economic situation “have brought us to our knees.” A three-year program would “present a picture of our debts and our reserves as well as outlining the impact of a new legislative framework on the exploitation of our assets,” he said.
Emphasizing that “without assets we will never have autonomy,” Ieronymos also set the scene for a discussion about a possible change in the relationship between the Church and the state.
“Will we let events overtake us?” the archbishop remarked and called for the creation of a committee of clerics and independent experts to discuss a likely constitutional revision and its implications for the Church.
ekathimerini.com , Tuesday October 15, 2013 (20:30)

Thanks to ekathimerini newspaper for this article.

Well, the earthquake didn't rock much, so I guess it is up to Archbishop Ieronymos to do a bit of moving and s
haking. It appears that the Church of Greece also has debts. Let's hope the leaders of the Greek church have a bit more savvy than the priest in the following video.

I just had to show you this. For those of you who don't speak Greek, the priest is telling his congregation not to buy the 'Furby' cuddly toy, because in his opinion it is the 'Antichrist.' He says it has a microchip inside it which enables it to speak. And that it has the devil inside it. Draw your own conclusions.

And on that happy note, I will bid you a good night.

Keep smiling!
Love Jane x

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Maria said...

Saw this on FB from a friend in Greece. I hope this guy doesn't have too many followers, as then they would believe anything and that is dangerous!