Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Box Full of Cretan Memories

I have only been back in London one day, and already miss Vrahassi. I think it is good, though, to leave the past behind, and move forward into the future. However, by keeping memories within reach, it is possible to open up that box of yesterday, and experience the music and the air of history. Breathe that air with me now as you watch this video, which is a little window on times past.

And looking to the future, I am already planning my return to Vrahassi in November. The pull of Crete is so powerful that I know my destiny is intertwined with the island.

Before I left, I went to the little museum in Vrahassi, and gave them a few copies of my book, 'A Short History of Vrahassi.' I have had it translated into Greek, and one day I will publish it and make it available.

Here in England, I have my Greek music to keep me happy while I create a plan to enable me to fulfill my mission. That mission is to work hard and build my business, so that I can spend more time in Crete, and collect a big box full of Cretan memories.

So, to the future, folks, enough of this nostalgia for one day, I've got things to do, places to go, and a cello that is crying out to be played.

Tomorrow, I'll dip into my memory box and bring you more pictures of Vrahassi.

Bye for now,
Love Jane x

Oh, and for your information, David and I will be hosting a meeting in Heraklion, in November, for all who are interested in joining us at Empower Network. Watch this space for the time and place. 

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