Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heavy Snow Up North - And Cold In Crete Too!

Inclement weather nationwide, heavy snow up north

22 Dec 2011

An inclement weather front hit the country early on Thursday, with heavy snowfall in the north of the country and on high ground in northern and central Greece, gale force winds and heavy rainfall in most parts of the country.

The bad spell is forecast to continue throughout Thursday in all parts of the country, with heavy rain and snowstorms on high ground and plains in northern and central Greece, with the main thrust in western Greece, Macedonia, Thrace, the northern and eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese Islands.

The bad conditions are expected to subside late at night in the northern Ionian Islands and the central and western mainland.

The severe weather conditions are expected to improve Friday in the northern Ionian Islands and the central mainland, but will continue throughout the rest of the country.

By Friday afternoon, the bad weather is expected to recede gradually in western and northern Greece.
Temperatures will remain low throughout the entire country until the middle of next week.

Something tells me that I will need to wear my woolie tomorrow when I go to Heraklion with Lydia and Diana. Never mind, I am so looking forward to getting a little taste of Christmas lights, and hopefully a little taste of Christmas vino too. Whoo Hoo! Might even see Father Christmas!
I may not get to blog again before Christmas, so to all my friends out there, HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

Let's hope the rain holds off a few more days, it is looking very dodgy. High winds are forecast for tomorrow. It won't stop us having our carol singalong on Saturday, we will be inside the Oasis Bar in Neapolis if the weather is bad.

I may not have many trimmings up in the house, but I have got my priorities right - a piece of mistletoe is hanging from the little angel in the centre of our stone arch. And it might be a cup of tea if you pop in (there is not much in the line of booze this year) but my Christmas cake tastes fine (once the burnt bits have been sliced off that is). And, as you see from the photo of Lefteri's cafeneo, there is always traditional Vrahassi cheer to lift the spirits! Oh, and be warned carol singers, I spent your coppers down the market yesterday, so you might have to make do with a peppermint cream. (Home made naturally). I must say that I have had a great time trying out new recipes this week. Did you know that if you pour hot melted dark chocolate over cold yogurt and mix it together, it tastes delicious. While we are on the subject of food, I managed to purchase a frozen duck from Liddle's yesterday, so that's our Christmas treat. By the way Jayne, we are missing your pie!

I'm looking forward to 2012 the uncertainty certainly is exciting. Maybe I will get that second book finished, maybe I'll write a prize winning poem, maybe I'll pass my Grade 5 on the cello. What am I talking about? There is no 'maybe'. I WILL DO all of those things. (Providing the world doesn't end). Love to all, wish you were here to kiss me under the mistletoe. I'm sending you my kiss... include me under yours. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MISTLETOE? It's Christmas, go out and find some right now! Love is THE most important thing in the whole world. MWAAAAAAH! xxxxxxxxxx LOVE YOU, Jane x

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