Friday, December 16, 2011

Cretan Transport

No, it isn't us bringing home supplies, but there are still one or two of these motors around. At least they are good for the narrow winding streets of Vrahassi. Unfortunately the Vrahassi donkey is no more. There are one or two around Kritsa and a few on the Lasithi Plateaux. Most farmers these days have 4 x 4 pickup trucks, but with the vehicle tax increase that may change. I certainly have to think twice about a journey because of the price of petrol.

Anyway, today is our son David's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JNR. He was born in 1969 so work it out. It was the year that man set foot on the moon for the first time. I remember sitting up most of the night to watch the event on my mum's TV. There were no mobile phones, no computers, and in our house, no TV. How things have changed!

I am going to make some pepermint creams today. The weather is once more glorious if a bit nippy. Clear blue skies. Tomorrow we are off to a party at our friend's house. Then it will be the run up to Christmas. I somehow don't think I'll be running anywhere, but it will be good to see what other people are up to. There are already one or two Christmas trees twinkling away in Vrahassi houses. The two cafebars in the center of the village are festooned with a few colourful strings of lights, and I did see a model of Father Christmas clinging on to a balcony. Nice!

So, that's all today. Enjoy your Friday,
Love Jane x

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