Thursday, October 27, 2011


Right! I have decided to take myself in hand and try to get fit, or at least fitter. This is the sort of thing I shall be doing - under supervision of course. I thought by sharing the experience it might encourage me to keep to my plan. The poor quality of the video is due to the dimmed light in our living room, it is a little kinder though. My first little workout was yesterday, so I shall be attempting another tomorrow. Bet you can't wait to see the next video.

As to my diet, it won't be anything fancy. I shall eat porridge for breakfast, a sandwich, or something on toast for lunch and whatever is in the pot for tea. In other words I shall cut down but not cut out. I WILL try to cut out alcohol Monday to Friday, and I will drink lots of water all the time.

You are allowed to laugh!
By the way, Yannis' cafeneo is still open, and so is Platanos. A neighbour passed by yesterday looking for her goat, it had done a runner, and David has begun to gather wood for the winter. That's life in Vrahassi for you.

To friends in Yorkshire - I have read the stories you sent with me, an e-mail will be on its way soon. Did you see how wonderful I looked at Jo's graduation?
To Eric on the boat - are you coming to Crete next year? Not fit? Join me in the 7minute workout.
Love to everyone,
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Jane x

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J.Norman said...

Jane, I'm cheering for you! You are very brave to video your very first workout! Keep going.
Also, I applaud you on your very own personal trainer!