Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm enjoying my 7 minute workout sessions. Seems I may need heavier weights. I must be stronger than I thought I was. It's probably due to heaving all those porridge pans about! My next session is on Monday (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) I hope you will join me to check my progress. Luckily my bathroom scales are out of action, but I guess that I weigh about 172 lbs. Of course it is too much! Let's see what a difference a month makes. I have a small problem of an underactive thyroid and a teeny weeny hernia in my stomach to contend with, but apart from that (oh and the torn ligament in my foot) I'm feeling fine. I am looking forward to feeling FIT.

Wait till you see me in action on the floor.
It is a bit warmer in Vrahassi today, at least I got the washing dry.
David had an 'it can only happen in Greece moment' yesterday, when he filled up with petrol. He told me that the woman who served him had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth while she poured petrol into his motor. We are going out to dinner tonight, I wonder how many people will be smoking in the restaurant?
Laws eh? Who'd have 'em? Have a good weekend everyone.
Love Jane x

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