Sunday, October 30, 2011

Radiolasithi gr Επεισόδια στην συγκεντρωση στον Αγίο Νικόλαο

And this is not Athens, this is Crete! People are protesting about the new taxes which the government has just imposed. What will happen when they can't afford shoes for their children, food for the table, cigarettes? God it's a mess! Maybe the church should sell off some of it's treasure. The new property tax will hit everybody, whether they are poor or rich. What about the old gran, on a pension, sole survivor of the family, living in the home which her late husband worked his guts out to provide. She could end up with a whacking bill. All this money taken out of the ecconomy just before Christmas certainly isn't going to improve things. And when people get hungry you know what they do? This video is only the start!

I had to show this even though I am trying to stay positive.

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