Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello, I am back from England, motivated and ready to go. Our new phrase of the day is 'Just Do It'. Seeing our daughter graduate from Greenwich University was the most thrilling experience. She pushed all her boundaries to obtain her degree, what an achievement. The one thing that she told me was that she had learned that there is no such thing as bringing up children, the thing IS, parents should bring up adults. It is one to think about isn't it? Nobody told me that as I was struggling to do the right thing whilst bringing up my children, but I was always aware that I wanted them to be self confident, independent and thoughtful human beings. Well done Jo!
For the other 90 pictures that we took on that day please see my Face Book album.

So, now that David and I are back home, what next? First I have to thank all those people who looked after us so well in England. You know who you are. It was a hectic trip, full of train travel and shopping, but in between we sat with friends and family, enjoyed the warmth of people we love, soaking in all the love they gave to us. Leaving them so far behind was not easy and opened a terrible wound in my emotions. But knowing that they are after all only a few hours away, does help. We all have our own lives and choices. David and I have chosen to live in Crete because this is where we are most happy. I do however wish that we could afford to visit the kids more often than once a blue moon.

And that brings me to the 'what next' question again. Well, of course there is Valentino, my cello, but, good as I might be in the three years that I have studied, I'm certainly not ready to go solo. Remember the 1.90 euro that my friend and I made at our last busk effort. I would love Tears from the Sun to be in every bookshop in Crete for the next season, but unless I find a distributor, that looks unlikely. Work in Crete for a 60 year old Enlgish woman is pushing it a bit at the moment and there is no such thing as 'Benefit' here. So, I have decided to do something very positive and improve my health. At least I can be healthy on a warm rock, if not wealthy!

I am decidedly fat, don't walk very far because I've a ligament problem in my foot, and love chocolate - it's not a very good start, is it? Anyway I have found this 7 minute workout programme on the internet, well David found it really, and what is good for the goose, as they say...

And in between the 7 minute workout, which is only 3 times a week, I shall be keeping house, doing my Greek homework, trying to master Valentino ready for a splendid Christmas Busk, and recording for posterity my success at finding a strong, healthy, enjoyable life, free of pain.

A sort of 'before' picture! Just DO IT!
I hope you will join me on my journey, maybe even encourage me a little. Then next time I am in England I will not be hobbling around, looking longingly at people with sticks and crutches, and wondering how to highjack an abandoned zimmer frame.

I'll be back very soon, with news of how the workout is going, plus whatever else is happening in the world outside my front door in Vrahassi (and beyond).

Love Jane x

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