Monday, May 10, 2010


I met my friend Jayne (with a Y) today and we popped into Malia for a drink and a chat. We walked down a very empty beach road before settling at the Galaxy Bar on the main road. That seemed busy enough. There is no sign of the by-pass being completed this year, so more traffic hold-ups in Malia I suppose. The supermarket was not very busy either - a sign of the times. Anyway it was a very enjoyable little trip out and we might repeat it next week.

Tomorrow is another day, as they say, and I have lots to do. Seems like the 'water' men will be busy too because there are blue arrows drawn on the roads of Vrahassi. It all looks very ominous. First new electricity cables and now water pipes - what's the world coming to?

Meanwhile I shall be preparing for World Busk week 7 -14 June, and a performance in Kritsa. Dum-di-dum!

Thought you might like this little video.

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