Friday, May 28, 2010


I had a good Greek lesson today, Imperative - Commands! Take it, bring me, do it, that sort of thing. It will come in useful at the cafeneo - Bring me a beer! And, seeing as I've put my back out whilst moving furniture to clean beneath it (a silly thing to do I know), the commands are coming in handy at home - David, switch the TV on, David, make the tea, David, wash up, David, take the dogs out. Well I've got to practice haven't I?
I'm getting seriously worried about my taste in music; I'm beginning to like Greece's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, switch it off!
Anyway, that reminds me, got to get the old Yamaha out tomorrow and practice for the World Busking event in Kritsa on 9th June. It's a year since I played all that Roll out the Barrel stuff, I doubt I've forgotten it though, easy stuff after Schostokovich with the Rethymnon Philharmonic.
My little Greek neighbour put a swathe of new concrete in the lane today, guess who drove right through it? It made a nice groovy pattern in the road. At least we have a road, the street below us has collapsed into a garden about 12 feet down, someone has placed a wooden ladder across the gap, who the hell is going to risk crossing that? Me thinks its a council matter, and an urgent one at that. Here's my imperative to the council - FIX IT before someone falls into the abyss! Oh, I'm getting the hang of Greek really well!

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